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New Memory Care Director Brings Incredible Programming and Expertise to Community

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Pamela Maury is the new Director of Memory Care and Community Life at Woodbury Senior Living. Her career in elder care spans over 23 years. In 1994, she became a long distance caregiver for her father, who was living in Minneapolis and was diagnosed with dementia. In 2001, she moved him to California to live with her, 5 years later converting their home into a residential care facility for elderly. 

From 2006 to 2015, as the CEO of Palet Corporation, she operated PETE’S PLACE, a Torrance residential care facility specializing in Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia. In 2011, using PETE’S PLACE as a model, she opened and managed a second care home, LYNN’S PLACE, for a family wanting to keep their mother at home and at the same time provide care for others.

Additionally, during this time she actively participated in the Alzheimer’s Association, Southland Chapter for over 15 years, receiving training, leading Memory Walk Teams and conducting caregiver support groups in the Los Angeles South Bay community for families with dementia diagnosis. She provided private consultation and a comprehensive concierge service for seniors and their families. PETE’S PLACE closed in 2015, during the 8 years it was open, she lived with, and she and her staff cared for 29 residents.

img_0576Pam recalls, my father, Lorenzo (Pete) Williams, had Alzheimer’s disease for 17+ years and lived with me for 10 years before passing in August of 2011. All that I learned during that time inspired me to share our home with others facing the same challenges.  I did all I could to gain the knowledge to comprehend this terrible disease that was taking away my Dad.

Seeing how well my father had done for so long, I came to appreciate how his environment, level of stimulation, use of his senses and the behavior of those around him affected his moods. Our company, activities, music, singing, laughter and good food were his source of joy.  

By providing the same personal care for those experiencing the challenges of aging, illness and dementia it is my life’s goal to promote wellness and the best possible quality of life for our residents and their families, then and now.

caregiver and elderly woman smilingAs a family caregiver myself, I know the complexity of trying to balance one’s time between kids, spouse, career and caring for an aging parent. It has always been my personal mission to provide support to family caregivers by facilitating supports groups in the community.

In July 2016, I moved back to Minnesota after living in California for 30 years. People always ask why would I do that? Because I am walking alongside my younger sister as she faces some physical challenges.  It was a big step leaving behind my kids, grandkids, friends and warm weather. But I have been so blessed by becoming a member of the Woodbury Estates team. Their vision is my vision. 

I am honored to be instrumental in the development of “Willows” our new memory care floor and to work alongside this amazing group of dedicated people as we strive to ensure that those entrusted in our care live purposeful, fulfilling and enriched lives.   


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