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Promising Practices for Meeting the Mental Health Needs of our Elders

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by Leah Kaplan, LICSW, Associated Clinic of Psychology

In 1980, Associated Clinic of Psychology (ACP) pioneered the practice of seeing patients in geriatric care environments to provide the right treatment at the right place and the right time, recognizing that these are unique patients and environments that require unique care.

By going to patients in their own environment, clinicians can provide treatment without increasing stress or causing a disruption in regular care. We don’t just observe the patients, but also observe the world that they live in—their home—and thus treat them more effectively, and with dignity and respect.

We work closely with facilities to maximize the quality of life and wellbeing of the patients, who may suffer from multiple losses, physical and cognitive decline, dementia, depression, anxiety and other mental health issues. Services include diagnostic assessment and treatment planning, individual psychotherapy, psychological testing, and behavior management planning

ACP’s unique approach to geriatric mental health incorporates not only individual assessment and therapy for residents, but an integrated team approach that may include recommendations for the resident’s entire care team, making sure that the improvements to their lives continue even when we’re not there. We offer creative and innovative methods to help staff manage even the most difficult cases.

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