Wellness and Spirituality at Woodbury Senior Living

At Woodbury Senior Living, we focus on promoting well-being to our residents. While many believe that only physical well-being is important, we believe that addressing the whole person is the key to living life to the fullest. Our well-being initiatives revolve around engaging the seven dimensions of a person, or what we call the “Wellness Wheel.” We believe that all dimensions of a person are important – therefore we create activities and programs that can enhance the social, intellectual, spiritual, vocational, environmental and physical aspects of our residents.


Woodbury Senior Living is nondenominational and welcomes people of all faiths and backgrounds. Our goal is to help provide connections to those resources that bring strength and comfort in the midst of the myriad changes we face in life, right through to the end. Our campus chaplain partners with various churches and volunteers throughout the community to provide a wide array of services and opportunities for spiritual growth. We place a special emphasis on the needs of those who struggle with memory loss and dementia, allowing these residents to feel more connected in their spiritual journey.

Highlights of Wellness Activities:

  • Fitness activities, stretching, yoga, visual relaxation and balance training
  • Music programming and concerts that include performance, musical era studies, relaxation and meditation programs, musical mad libs, and songwriting
  • Social events and themed parties
  • Worship services and music
  • Book clubs, educational events and current events groups
  • Arts & crafts, games and bingo
  • Day trips to apple orchards and shopping centers

Schedules vary by building. In addition, each year, large-scale events are planned such as holiday parties, Christmas carolers, Wellness Fair, Nite to Unite, and much more.

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